Lesson 1 – Case Reflection Task Instructions

I hope that you have enjoyed the content of the course and that it has given you a bit more understanding of how physiotherapy and rehabilitation could be used in your practice. Considering what you have learned on the course, I would like you to reflect on a case that you have seen in practice and where you think you could have utilised physiotherapy and rehabilitation to help this case. This is also your opportunity to ask me questions about a specific case if you wish.

Case Reflection Task

Now you will complete this task and submit is as an assignment. You will need to create a document and write all information onto the document and submit it. Please write in the first person (e.g: I did, I was). Only I can see your answers.  You should aim for approximately two sides of A4. You must cover the following 2 points listed below when writing your case reflection task:

1. Case details – give an overview of the case 

2. Where could you have used physiotherapy to help this case?