Lesson 1 – Further Study

This is the final lesson to complete the course.

Would you like to become a VN Rehab Therapist?

We hope that this course has given you an insight into the incredible world of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.  If you would like to extend your knowledge and skills into this specialist area, we offer various options which will be explained over the next few slides.

Diploma in Canine Exercise Rehabilitation

The Diploma in Canine Exercise Rehabilitation is a series of four courses.  These courses can all be taken individually and have value as stand alone courses, or can be taken all together for the Diploma.   The four courses are: Foundation in Canine Exercise Rehabilitation, Exercise Rehabilitation for the Orthopaedic Patient, Exercise Rehabilitation for the Neurological Patient and Clinical Practice.  

The courses are studied online, in much the same format as this course.  They can be taken at your own pace and started at any time.  The full Diploma takes at least one year part time, depending on how fast you move through the courses.

More information can be found on our website here.– Click on link 

VN Rehabilitation Therapist

On completion of the Diploma in Canine Exercise Rehabilitation Therapist, there is now the option to progress to VN Rehabilitation Therapist.  This is a brand new course and we are very excited to share it with you first.  Information is not yet added to the website as the course is currently under the endorsement process.  

This Programme will cover manual therapies and electrophysical agents to add to knowledge of exercise rehabilitation gained in the Diploma. It will include some practical training for the massage element.  For students outside of the UK, we will be able to arrange this remotely if it is not possible for you to travel to the UK.  Please keep an eye on our website for updates and join our newsletter and blog.

You can sign up for this on our homepage here.– Click on link

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We also like to give away information for free and help with advice through our community.  As already mentioned you can follow our blog where we will share VN relevant content.

You can find us on facebook – click on link and like our page. We also have a private group for VN’s with an interest in physiotherapy and rehabilitation – please join:)

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