Lesson 1 – How to complete this course

Welcome to the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation for Veterinary Nurses Course. I am very happy you have chosen to study with us. We have set up this course in a way so it is very simple and straightforward for you to complete independently. You can complete parts of the course as and when you can and then come back to the course page to continue studying.

The courses consists of 6 Units. For each Unit, there are Lessons or a single Lesson for you to complete. When you begin to study and complete the Units, you will see a list of the Units and Lessons on the left hand side of the page under the course name in a purple tab (will edit this once I complete as a student because more instructions may need to go here e.g. first click on… to begin, it may appear a bit different for them to begin with after they have paid).

Once ‘Unit 1 – Introduction’ appears on the main screen, you can begin to work your way through the course and complete the Lessons for the Unit. The Units and Lessons will still remain on the left hand side of the screen so you will be able to see them throughout. You need to click on ‘Lesson 1 – How to complete this course’ and that Lesson will then appear on the main screen. Read all information, instructions and tasks for each Lesson of each Unit and complete the work accordingly. Once you have completed each Lesson, you need to click on the red tab named ‘Mark Complete’. You must do this for each Lesson you complete so you can then move on to the next Lesson or Unit. Once you have completed the Lesson, you can then click on the purple tab named ‘Next Lesson’ which will take you to the next Lesson you need to complete. Once you have completed the whole Unit, you will need to click on the purple tab named ‘Next Unit’ so you can move on. When Lessons have been completed, you will see a red circle with a tick symbol on the left hand side of the page next to the completed Lessons so you can track your progress and know where to continue from when you access the page another time (need to edit this because if its linear, it may appear differently to students)

Once all of the Units have been completed, you will need to complete a feedback form. This form will be very useful for us to see what we did well and whether there are any improvements we can make for future course delivery. Once this form has been completed, you can then receive your certificate for completing the course.

If you require any support or assistance with this course, please feel free to contact me via e-mail on katie@animalrehabhealth.academy  

We hope you enjoy studying this course.