Question instructions

You are required to compare two pieces of equipment which are on the market and are seemingly the same or very similar. Pick through the specifications and pull out the frequency ranges and the intensity in mT.

You must show the intensity in mT, so you will need to do some calculations (tip, you can use free converters on google to help you).

You will comparing the Respond Systems ‘Bio-Pulse™ Sentry Blanket Magnetic Therapy System’ to the Bemer Horse Set (Blanket).

Just to demonstrate how difficult it can be to actually find this information on the manufacturers website, I have linked you to the main page for Bemer rug but you will need to dig into the video to find the information you are looking for. The video is called the BEMER BEEE – A new approach to equine back pain. The info is at about 12 minutes and 15 secs. This video is discussing some recent research that we will come back to, so don’t worry about all the other information at the moment!

You are required to complete the table below. I have already filled in the boxes for the FMBS Combi Pro II Rug, so you can compare the three!

Rug Freq (Hz)  Intensity (mT)
FMBS 1-50 Hz  0.5-7.8 mT

Here are the links: